SMVFD Equipment Dedication Ceremony

Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010


On Saturday, Oct. 9th, the Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire Department held a dedication ceremony for three new pieces of equipment, a paramedic "box" truck, a water tender, and a new engine.  Chief Steve Heydorff presided over the ceremony, and noted that the new equipment increases the safety of the firefighters, increases response time for the residents, and better serves the community.  He noted that the new paramedic truck offers much more space, allowing paramedics greater flexibility in performing their duties, that the new tender has a vastly improved pumping system that actually allows it to be used as a piece of firefighting equipment, in addition to the ability to mix water with fire retardants which prevent fires, for instance if a cigarette butt is thrown into brush, the retardant placed there by the tender may prevent the smoldering from becoming a blaze.


Mayor Joe Mosca thanked the department for its efforts in the community, its leadership, and its partnership.


Former Mayor Maryann MacGillivray, whose administration actually approved the expenditures for the new equipment, reminded everyone that it was the residents that are paying for the equipment, and that the real thanks goes to the public that are paying for the equipment.  "They do that, and it's an expression of the fact that they do not take you for granted.  I think they understand that it is real flesh and blood men and women who walk willingly into burning homes, fight fires over burning hillsides...cut people out of wrecked cars, give medical assistance to those who are suffering from injury or illness, and all with compassion and skill, so they are very grateful for that - and their gratefulness wants to make sure that you have all the equipment you need to provide that valuable service."


Here's a video of the ceremony.  Below the video are pictures from the ceremony.




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