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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2002
Concert in the Park, July 3rd


Featuring Lamprey and Papa Doo Run Run


 There was a great turnout at the park for the evening's concert.  You can download videos or enjoy these photos.  Click on the photo to see it full size.  I find it especially interesting to see the different age groups represented on the dance floor.  Videos require a video viewing software or plug-in that your computer probably already has.  All video files are under 800Kb, so they won't take too long to download, even with a 56k modem.  Go ahead and try it.  Enjoy!!


Video files:

Do You Wanna Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance

Pretty Woman


papadoo2k2_02.jpg (71760 bytes)

Lots of dancing going on

papadoo2k2_03.jpg (65292 bytes)

Papa Doo Run Run times 60%

papadoo2k2_04.jpg (66242 bytes)

papadoo2k2_05.jpg (85004 bytes)

papadoo2k2_06.jpg (94191 bytes)

papadoo2k2_08.jpg (79150 bytes)

papadoo2k2_09.jpg (74562 bytes)

papadoo2k2_10.jpg (62596 bytes)

papadoo2k2_11.jpg (65391 bytes)

papadoo2k2_12.jpg (66083 bytes)

papadoo2k2_13.jpg (68869 bytes)

papadoo2k2_14.jpg (61661 bytes)

papadoo2k2_15.jpg (61468 bytes)

papadoo2k2_16.jpg (89290 bytes)

papadoo2k2_17.jpg (62755 bytes)

papadoo2k2_18.jpg (53222 bytes)

papadoo2k2_19.jpg (64243 bytes)

As always, Kiwanis pizza booth was quite popular

papadoo2k2_20.jpg (70767 bytes)

1/2 second earlier on the shutter, you're seeing Matt Moran.  Instead, here's Denis Keegan

papadoo2k2_21.jpg (68334 bytes)

Rotary's dip tank is always a hit

papadoo2k2_22.jpg (71952 bytes)

papadoo2k2_23.jpg (59503 bytes)

Rose Float Assn. was so busy it sold out of burgers...

papadoo2k2_25.jpg (55953 bytes)

papadoo2k2_26.jpg (62935 bytes)

papadoo2k2_27.jpg (45408 bytes)

Future Doublemint commercial?

papadoo2k2_28.jpg (58772 bytes)

4th of July Committee Chairman Hank Landsberg reminds the crowd that the band is paid for by the sale of t-shirts

papadoo2k2_29.jpg (57762 bytes)

papadoo2k2_31.jpg (47255 bytes)

papadoo2k2_36.jpg (62096 bytes)

4th of July Committee booth was busy

papadoo2k2_37.jpg (53023 bytes)

Parks and Rec. Commissioner Becky Bickel splashes local resident trying to dunk her

papadoo2k2_39.jpg (58654 bytes)

papadoo2k2_40.jpg (51205 bytes)

papadoo2k2_43.jpg (38117 bytes)

papadoo2k2_44.jpg (39864 bytes)

papadoo2k2_45.jpg (59425 bytes)

papadoo2k2_46.jpg (40276 bytes)

papadoo2k2_47.jpg (46238 bytes)

Celebrity dunkee Dave Rupricht from Supermarket Sweep



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