City Hall Council Chambers and Conference Room

232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

Monday, August 12~ 2002

6:30 PM

Doug Hayes, Mayor 

Bart Doyle. Mayor Pro Tem 

George Maurer, Councilmember

Tonja Torres. Councilmember

Robert Stockly, Councilmember


Nancy Shollenberger, City Clerk

Douglas Berkshire City Treasurer 


Councilmembers/ Board Members

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE & INVOCATION Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation by Councilmember George Maurer
APPROVAL OF MINUTES Approval of minutes for the meeting of July 22, 2002.
APPROVAL OF AGENDA Majority vote of the Council to proceed with City business
MAYOR  AND CITY COUNCIL REPORT Brief reports of individual Councilmember activities relating to City business occurring since the last City Council meeting
PRESENTATION Presentation of Kiwanis Club of Sierra Madre for 75 years of community service.


Historical Society Presentation to individuals

who put together the Mt. Wilson Trail Book.


1. WARRANTS Resolution No.02-081 a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Sierra Madre approving payment of Warrants #2294 through #2426; #4601 in the aggregate amount of $271,496.92  and Swim Team Warrant # 1001 in the  aggregate  amount of  $576.00 and Payroll Transfer in the aggregate amount of $183,539.72 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2003.

a.  Consideration to approve Resolution No.02-080 approving T.U.P. 2-018 for the 9/11/2002 ceremony in Kersting Court, authorizing street closure and "no parking" signs.

b.  Consideration to approve Resolution No. 02- 078, finding that the Sierra Madre is in conformance with the Congestion Management Program (CMP) and adopt the 2002 CMP Local Implementation Report.

c. Consideration to approve revised Round-A- Bout to meet goals set forth in the Youth Master Plan.

d. Consideration to award a professional services contract to Bucknam and Associates for the preparation of a water system efficiency and rate study not to exceed $32,000.

e. Notice of completion FY 2001-2002 Citywide Street Rehab Project. and additional appropriation of $5,250 from General Fund Reserves for placement of slurry seal on W. Orange Grove Avenue.

f. Rejection of claim -Helen Hazeski regarding sewer backup.

g. Rejection of claim -Thomas Mackie regarding for damages against the City of Sierra Madre.

h. Rejection of claim -Jonie Poe regarding vehicle accident.
3. PUBLIC HEARING -ALTRIO FRANCHISE AGREEMENT Consideration to adapt proposed resolution 02-074 authorizing the execution of an open video system franchise agreement between Sierra Madre and Altrio Communications, Inc.
5. DISCUSSION- APPEAL OF VARIANCE Appeal of Planning Commission denial of conditional use permit (C.U.P.) 02-10, located at 769 Woodland.
6. DISCUSSION- REGARDING WALLS AND FENCES Consider introducing Ordinance No. 1197 , Municipal Code Text Amendment 02-01 ; Amendment to Chapter 17:48 regarding walls and fences, (MCTA No. 02-0l) for first reading.

Convene a joint meeting of the Community Redevelopment Agency, and Sierra Madre Finance Authority

MEETING OF THE COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY AND FINANCING AUTHORITY a. Approval of the minutes of the Community Redevelopment Agency meeting of July 22, 2002


a. Authorization of payments for $161,367.47 addition ot he revolving note for the demands paid by the City on behalf of the Community Redevelopment Agency.

b. Consideration to approve additional expenditures of $342,151.59 for Downtown Improvement Project.

c. Adjourn the meeting of the Community Redevelopment Agency and Financing Authority


This is a time and place for persons in the audience to make comments on items that are not covered on this agenda. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to address the City Council about items that are on this agenda at the time those items are considered by the Counci1.

Under the Brown Act, Council is prohibited from taking action on items not on the agenda, but the matter may be referred to staff or to a subsequent meeting. Each speaker will be limited to five (5) continuous minutes, which may not be delegated. These rules will be enforced but may be changed by appropriate City Council action.



The appellant and/or applicant will each be provided a total of ten ( 10) minutes to address their item. A portion or their allotted time may be reserved for rebuttal or a summary conclusion at the close of public comment. All other speakers will be limited to a total of five (5) continuous minutes, which cannot be de1egated. These rules will be enforced but may

be changed by appropriate City Council action.


Regardless of a staff recommendation on any agenda item, the City Council will consider such matters, including action to approve, conditionally approve, reject or continue such item. Further information on each item may be procured from the Office of the City Manager.


The City Council/CRA will adjourn to regular meeting at this same p1ace on September 9, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. at this location.

If you require special assistance to participate inthis meetinc, please call the City Manager's office at (626) 355-7135 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.