Pioneer Days 1999

Sturtevant Camp Trail Hike/Lunch
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Do not adjust your monitor, these photos are black and white.  All photos (this page only) courtesy of Jeff Lapides.

About 60 hikers went on the hike
Sturtevant Falls
Temporary Post Office was set up, here Mike Deak and Scout Troop 110 look on.
Famed hiker John Robinson at Sturtevant Camp
U.S. Mail placed on pack animal for delivery
U.S. Mail delivery by pack train.

A special thanks to the Marie Callender's in Pasadena and Arcadia, and to Dolphin Rentals in Pasadena for their help with the Lizzie's Trail Inn Pioneer Days events. All photos on this page Copyright  © Jeff Lapides, 1999, Sierra Madre, CA

Sturtevant Camp, established in 1893, is the only camp from the great hiking era which is still in operation in the San Gabriel Mountains.  On October 2nd, there was a hike to Sturtevant Camp.  Special guest John Robinson joined the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue team and accompanied the group of nearly 50 hikers up to Sturtevant Camp, where they dined on a lunch brought to the camp by mule train.  After lunch came the hike down.  The hike up is estimated at 2.5 hours and the hike back at about 3 hours.  There was a shorter hike (2.5 hours) for the less experienced which went just up to the falls and back.  A $10 fee was charged which included the cost of lunch.  Children under 18 needed a signed medical release.

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