Pioneer Days 1999

 E. Waldo Wards
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In 1891, Edwin Waldo Ward, Sr., came to Sierra Madre, California to start his own marmalade company. When he created the right recipe he started E. Waldo Ward & Son. That year was 1918. Today, they still manufacture gourmet jams, jellies, marmalades and other food products the old fashioned way. And they are Sierra Madre's oldest business in operation. Pioneer Day offered an opportunity to visit the past and taste the history.  Events taking place at E. Waldo Wards were:

  •  old style printing demonstration - all day
  •  E. Waldo Ward & Son museum open during day
  •  E. Waldo Ward & Son gift store open during day
  • quilts on display
  • lace-making demonstration
  • apple press demonstration
  • old fashioned spinning demonstration
  • old-fashioned wood-working demonstration
Left to right, top to bottom:
E. Waldo Ward's from the street
The business office, with jams and jellies in front for sale
The Quilt display
The lace-making display
Jeff Ward (in the back in print shirt) points out memorabilia and tells stories of Sierra Madre's oldest business, established in 1891
Aimee Dozois gives a demonstration on old-fashioned printing
Jay Whitcraft gives a demonstration of apple pressing
The spinning demonstrator's booth
The spinner

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