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Sierra Madre Pioneer Days Kids Activities
Saturday, Oct. 14th

Foothill Creative Arts Group again held a children's activity in Kersting Court, providing the materials for the children, who provided the imagination and artistic talent.  This year's theme was 3-D Bugs and Flowers.  Additionally, the Sierra Madre Elementary School had a reading event in Kersting Court.  Please enjoy the full-size pictures by clicking on the thumbnail below.  There is also a downloadable video of Officer Trujillo reading to children, but the audio is barely audible, you'll have to turn it way up to hear him.  I have more pictures coming of the reading sessions, so check back and use your refresh button.

CAG provided materials

Children provided the talent

and imagination

with some guidance

some finished product

Ofr. Trujillo reads to the kids
.mpg video link of reading by Officer Trujillo
Bob Burnett reads to kids

SM School teacher Lisa Perez reads to kids

Cece Forrester reads to kids

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