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Pioneer Day's Chicken Dinner at Lizzie's Trail Inn
Sunday, Oct. 15th

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Once a year friend ‘s meet at Lizzie’s Trail Inn for an old style Pioneer Day Chicken Dinner, and you are invited.  The Kiwanis Club of Sierra Madre, along with the Lizzie’s Trail Inn Volunteers, proudly presented this event Sunday, October 15 in Sierra Madre.  For the “old timers,” it was one more time at Lizzie’s and it brought back old memories of  those wonderful happy good times. For those who are new, it’s an opportunity to be a part of Sierra Madre history. If you have never had a chicken dinner at Lizzie’s Trail Inn, be sure to come next year.

Click on a link below to download .mpg audio/video files of Le Trureaux performing Cajun style music at Lizzie's Chicken dinner.

Le Trureaux video #1
Le Trureaux video #2

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Replica of still like one used at Lizzie's during prohibition

Visitors view photo exhibit of mulepacking history

More mulepacking pictures

Lumber being hauled to first water on Mt. Wilson Trail

Packer's Hall of Fame display

List of Packers through the years
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