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Hike into History
Saturday, Oct. 7th, 2000

The volunteers from the Lizzie's Trail Inn/Historical Museum and the Sierra Madre Recreation Dept. sponsored the 5th "Hike into History" on Saturday, October 7th, beginning at 8:30 a.m..  They took a historic mountain trail hike to the Strain's Camp site.  They met at 8:30 a.m. at the site of the Old Mount Wilson Hotel for a "Charley Chantry Style" pancake breakfast.  Then they were joined by San Gabriel Mountains expert John Robinson for an easy hike down a little dirt road to the 1889 camp site where he gave a brief talk on the history of the trails.  The U.S. Post Office cancelled letters and cards at a special post office.  Mail was transported from the camp by pack animals.  Then there was a short hike to the 100-inch telescope.

Special Thanks To:
Awest, John Robinson, Scout Troop #110, Larry Twedell, Chris Christiansen, Blaine Allen,  Mike Pauro - Fiddler, Jack McCaskill, the U.S. Postal Service, the Mt. Wilson Institute Volunteers, Ed and Ed Packers, the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team

Click on the thumbnail to see a full-size picture - Thanks to Denny Barry of Denny Barry Digital Video for the photos below.  I was unable to attend the hike, and Denny was kind enough to use his equipment to capture still photos from the video he took of the hike.  That's why some may appear a little blurry, but ain't technology something?  These shots all started out as digital video.  All photos Copyright Denny Barry, 2000.

Pre-hike pancakes

The hike in

The hike in, Pt. 2

U. S. Forestry Agents

The Forest for which they agent

Dr. White and Jim Heasley

A Family

Some of Scout Troop 110

Roy Murphy and?

Crowd listens to John Robinson 

John Robinson speaks

and shows old time photos

Roy Murphy, John Robinson and Dr. Bill White

Jim Heasley and friends

The Fiddler provided old-time atmosphere

There was a special Strain's Camp Postmark for 1day

Mail was carried out on pack horses
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