Pioneer Days Treasures Gathering

Oct. 19, 2002

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It has become a tradition for long time Sierra Madreans to meet at Memorial Park as part of the Pioneer Day's festivities, and thanks to the tireless work and tremendous effort put forth by John Grijolva, there are always lots of old time photos to be viewed along with stories to be shared.  It is also a tradition that many of Sierra Madre's former residents from the old days return for this event.  This year, the event was scaled back a little and took place from 10am to 2:30pm, though as you know when old friends gather, there are no time limits.  Here are some pictures from past year's events, and click on the thumbnail photo below to see the picture full size.

1999    2000

Pictures of the event, 2002

Pictures of historical pictures on display at 2002 Pioneer Days


Rendering of proposed veterans's memorial

Sample of steel photos to be used in memorial

Bill Newberry, Joe Hinojos, and Bud Switzer

News Net publisher Bill Coburn with Joe Hinojos, photo by Bud Switzer





Pictures of historical pictures

Joe Hinojos photo from 1948 Pioneer Days

Sierra Madre Elementary, circa 1915

1950 mobilization of Sierra Madre National Guard

Sierra Madre Theatre marquee, featuring movie filmed in Sierra Madre, circa 1946

Robert's Market, where Howie's is now, circa 1920s

Flyer advertising Nat. Guard appearance at City Hall, circa 1949

Four Sierra Madre photos, 1940s to 1960s

3 photos, 1 stock certificate, includes pic from 1938 flood

Red Car at Kersting Court, circa 1930s or 40s?

Pioneer Days 1948