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Gym Facilities

Sierra Fitness is a general membership facility with its focus being personalized service. Our intimate strength training room offers a combination of standard free-weights and state-of-the-art equipment and our staff is committed to providing a environment comfortable to all. If you're training for life, health or sport, you'll find that our facility is the key to achieving results.  

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Boot Camp

Boot camp is fitness taken back to the basics. It is an intense eight-week outdoor course led by present and former military members who are also nationally certified personal trainers and coaches. You will start out with a complete fitness assessment then progress into a workout that not only challenges the mind and body but also takes them to the next level. Each workout is designed to provide a total body strength and cardiovascular workout using basic exercises (i.e. running/fast walking, pushups, sit-ups) and the latest conditioning methods used by the military and world class athletes. At the end of eight weeks you will be reassessed in order to see the results that you have achieved.

To visit our Bootcamp website click here.

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Young Guns Boot Camp

An eight week progressive outdoor exercise course for kids and teenagers. The Young Guns course is designed to improve the athletic ability, coordination, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility and focus in each participant. At the beginning of the course, the instructors will assess each participant with a battery of physical and skill oriented tests to determine what level of intensity the classes will be taught. The following weeks the class will encompass the instruction on proper flexibility techniques, individual exercises for strength & endurance, and teamwork drills. The course will also provide education on nutrition, first aid and leadership as well as re-enforcing the values of pride and self-esteem. Upon completion of the eighth weeks, the Young Gunners will be assessed again with the same battery of tests to show the success that they have achieved during the course.


Sierra Fitness offers one-on-one and semiprivate Pilates instruction in our brand new state of the art Pilates studio.

Developed by the legendary physical trainer Joseph Pilates, the "Pilates Method" is one of the oldest exercise systems to make headlines in the news today. It took a century to get the word out about this unique and powerful exercise system. The Method restores muscular balance, builds body strength, increases coordination and flexibility.

Regardless of your current level of fitness - from sedentary persons to fitness enthusiasts - the Pilates Method can be your primary mode of body conditioning, injury rehabilitation and prevention. Whether you're looking to shape and tone or simply improve the overall health of your body, Pilates develops lean, elongated muscles rather than bulk. Most people find the exercise session pleasant and fun, educational and diverse, with little or no recovery after the session.

Directions to the Pilates Studio are on the Locations page.  

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Group Fitness Classes

Sierra Fitness offers a variety of innovative group exercise classes, from Power-Walking to Pilates Mat, Yoga to Kickboxing. Regardless of your age or fitness level, our classes are designed to provide you with a safe and fun way to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, strength and flexibility. JOIN A CLASS, GET RESULTS!  

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Personal Training

For over seven years Sierra Fitness continues to offer the highest quality training available. Certified and/or degreed trainers are on staff as well as a consulting physician. Our philosophy is rooted in providing you with individualized, friendly service through uniquely designed exercise and nutrition programs. We approach each exercise prescription with expertise and support based on science and experience. Our trainers are educated in servicing the specialized need of our clientele, including senior, post-rehabilitation, and prenatal fitness. Call us to find out how personal training can work for you!  

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Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing. Physiologically, it promotes the removal of metabolic waste, enhancing the detoxifying functions of the lymphatic system. Massage also helps manage pain caused by fatigued and sore muscles. Psychologically, massage reduces tension and anxiety, calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and renewed energy. Sierra Spa Massage Therapists are licensed, certified and highly trained in the following various techniques and therapies:

Swedish A relaxation massage that promotes circulation. Light to medium pressure.
Deep Tissue A deep massage helpful in breaking up muscle adhesions and scar tissue. Very firm pressure.
Sports For an athlete, a combination of deep tissue massage and stretching techniques that promote better performance and help to prevent injury. Light to firm pressure.
Therapeutic Targets problem areas and conditions. Light to firm pressure.
Pregnancy For any stage of pregnancy to help relieve problem areas such as back tightness. Light to medium pressure.
Accupressure & Shiatsu
Accupressure & Shiatsu work with the same healing points used in acupuncture, but stimulates these vital sites with finger pressure rather than inserting needles. Shiatsu is a vigorous form of Accupressure, with firm pressure applied to each point for three to five seconds.
Reflexology A dynamic natural healing technique that activates the body's healing potential through the systematic application of pressure points in the feet and hands.

Massage heals the body, rejuvenates it and relaxes overworked, tired muscles. Treat yourself to one of the oldest forms of healing. Your body will appreciate it. You'll feel more relaxed, calm and energized!  

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Exercise Equipment Sales

We offer a variety a fitness equipment and apparel:

Tapas Ultra Yoga Mats $35
Foam yoga blocks $12
Polar heart rate monitors $79
Fit tube resistance bands $10
Physio Balls, 85" $40
Physio Balls, 75" $35
Physio Balls, 65" $30
Physio Balls, 55" $25
Physio Balls, 45" $20
Sweat Shirts $TBD
T-Shirts $TBD

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