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Last updated Jan. 02, 2001
Sierra Madre's Great Crate Race, June 11, 2000
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Twice each year, the City of Sierra Madre gathers on Grandview Ave to watch the Great Crace Race, with soap box derby style cars.  For information on the next one, contact Bill McKernan at (626) 355-8608 or by e-mail at  Click here if you'd like to find out about helping to sponsor the race.

This year's June 11 race took place at a new location, on the recently repaved Grand View Ave.  Results below.  Click here for links to photo pages.

Here are the results as forwarded to me by a member of the Race Committee.

Class 1 - Kit cars totalling 230 lbs.
Matt Merchant
Darren Klug
 Steve Martinez
Class  2 - Kit cars totalling 300 lbs.
 Michael Hawkshaw
Class 3 - Homemade cars totalling 200 lbs.
Eric Miranda
Micheal Gomez
Marc Daniels
Class  4 - Homemade cars totalling 300 lbs.
E. J. Fess
Mia Cowell
Carel Otte
Class  5 - Adult Cars
Bob Young
Susie O`Connell
Dennis Aiken
Class  6 - Rascals
Ed Rosenburg
Tom Genova
Dina Avila

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Click here for pictures of race atmosphere and people
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