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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2003
2003 Grand Marshal: John Grijalva


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2003 Parade Lineup

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It appears as though the parade lineup was not strictly adhered to, so some of these captions are my best guess.  Please let me know if I've mis-captioned your picture.  I'll be happy to make the correction.


Sierra Madre Rose Float Royal Court, Princess Kristine Huss

Sierra Madre Rose Float Royal Court, Princess Ashley Aloi

Sierra Madre Rose Float Royal Court, Princess Christa Pozzi

Sierra Madre Rose Float Royal Court, Princess China Dungfelder

Horseless Carriage Club of So. California


Same here

Not sure of this entry

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association President Robert Young raises funds for SMRFA by selling roses along the route

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association

Post Alarm's entry

Hasting's Ranch Nursery School


And again

Not sure who's convertible that is, but here comes Sierra Madre Search and Rescue


Some team members with the mountain on which they hone their skills in the background

Mama Pete's Nursery School...

...will celebrate 60 years in Sierra Madre this year

Congratulations Mama!!

Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce

Bert Carlyle's 1944 Willy's Jeep and Col. William Marshall's military humvee

St. Rita's Cub Scout Pack 110


This entry drew a crowd by giving away free hot dogs!!

Bob Granieri Jr.'s Highway Patrol Vehicle

Sierra Madre Community Nursery School

Pasadena Humane Society

Sierra Madre Elementary School's "Camp Sierra Madre" entry


Sierra Madre Brewing Co.'s entry


Double ditto

Sierra Madre Post Office entry

Part 2

Hank and Tom's Car Club - Tri-five Chevys

Little Santa Anita Canyon Cabin Community....

turns 100 this year.  Some of the cabins will be open to the public during the Pioneer Days Hike into History

Pack Train entry

Sierra Madre Varmit Counsil

Sierra Madre Varmit Counsil

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