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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2003
2003 Grand Marshal: John Grijalva



Fourth of July Festivities Once Again a Big Hit  Congratulations to the 4th of July Committee for again producing a spectacular weekend of festivities.  The Surfaris played to a full lawn of people, some of whom had their blankets and chairs set up by 9am Wednesday morning, a full nine hours before the show started.  The Parade again drew cheers from throngs of people along Sierra Madre Blvd., and the Civic Club games were a big hit, as well.  The Night Blooming Jazzmen once again drew cheers in the park after the parade, and non-profits sold food in the park to raise money for their various causes.  The SM Pioneer Days Association corn on the cob was so popular it sold out by 2pm, after going through 350 ears of corn!!  Next year they've told us will be ordering at least 500!!  So hats off to Hank Landsberg and the Committee, and again, congratulations to this year's Grand Marshal, John Grijalva!!  Also, our apologies to those at the end of the parade.  We ran out of memory chip with just a few entries remaining in the parade, and missed some entries, such as Rotary, the late entries, and the Fire Dept.  Our apologies, we took 120 pictures at the parade, and thought we were going to make it to the end, but fell just short.  Maybe next year!!


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Surfaris concert in the park, click here

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2003 Parade Lineup

2003 T-shirt, click on the image

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It appears as though the parade lineup was not strictly adhered to, so some of these captions are my best guess.  Please let me know if I've mis-captioned your picture.  I'll be happy to make the correction.


Storefronts were festive along the blvd., including Once Upon A Time

Mom said, take my kids picture and post it, and I won't be upset that you keep darting out in front of us to take pictures

Not a parade entry, but it looked like a good picture

Sierra Madre Police Dept. started the parade

VFW Color Guard

The Banner starts it all

Members of Sierra Madre Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 3208

Long-time resident Bud Switzer snaps a shot of his friends

More VFW vets

Sierra Madre City College Marching Band


Here comes their float

A takeoff on the movie Seabiscuit, which recently completed filming at nearby Santa Anita Racetrack

Collegians handed out candy and "free premier passes" to parade viewers

Kentucky Derby winner and Sierra Madre resident Gary Stevens, who was in the movie, was among the volunteers passing out candy, not with the horse

Grand Marshal John Grijalva is coming

There he is, honored for his work with Pioneer Days  and the Veteran's Memorial Wall

That's his wife Mignon

"Area 51"

Howie's Market, which celebrates 75 years in Sierra Madre this October....

...celebrates 15 years working with Meals on Wheels

LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich

Citizen of the Year Bill Messersmith...

...with his grandkids.  It's News Net policy not to post kid's names, or we would

Mayor Bart Doyle

Council member, Mayor Pro Tem Rob Stockly

Council Member Doug Hayes

Doug threw a bunch of candy on the ground at Kersting Court

Council Member George Maurer

Council Member Tonja Torres

Arcadia City Council

Arcadia Police, 1959 Ford Police Car

State Senator Bob Margett

Miss Armed Forces

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