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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2007


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4th of July Coverage

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Here are some photo compilations.  They're about 1mb each, so they'll download quickly unless you are on dial-up. 

You'll need Acrobat Reader to view (see link above if you don't have it).

Antique Calliope Show and Concert in the Park                Woman's Club Open House and Games in the Park 

Parade Page 1                    Parade Page 2                         Cars of the Parade

Sierra Madre City College Floats Retrospective Page 1    Sierra Madre City College Floats Page 2  

Sierra Madre City College Floats Page 3

The Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee Presents Centennial Celebration 2007!


Celebrate Sierra Madre’s Centennial Year with FOUR DAYS of Independence Day Fun!


Saturday, June 30, 7pm.

Foot-stompin’ jazz under the stars with the Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Dance Band!  This superb band plays the best hot jazz of the 1920s and 1930s!  Sponsored by the Sierra Madre Centennial Committee.  Didn't make it, sorry no pics or video


Sunday, July 1, 10am – 4pm

Band Organ Rally!  15 Pictures posted, and videos coming.


Tuesday, July 3, 5pm – 10pm

Pre-Parade Party in the Park!  - 91 Pictures from July third plus videos of The Aluminum Marshmallow, pics of The Sheds, and other pics from July 3rd pre-parade party in the park, including the 4th Annual Bubble-Wrap “Fireworks-O-Rama” on the dance floor.


Wednesday, July 4th - 29 Pictures from Pre-Parade and Pre-Parade Open House at the Woman's Club


Wednesday, July 4, 10am…The 4th of July Parade was led by The Ward Family, the 2007 Grand Marshal in this Centennial year.  E. Waldo Ward and Son has been in business in Sierra Madre since 1891!  More than 300 pictures and several videos coming soon!!


After the parade, was the Community Picnic in Memorial Park.  18 Pictures and a video montage from the Civic Club sponsored games on the south lawn. 11 Pictures posted and video from post-parade in the park, including Southern California Lyric Theater and The Night Blooming Jazzmen. 


Sierra Madre resident Amy Miller's photos of the parade


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