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Sierra Madre Fourth of July

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This Year's Schedule - Saturday July 3rd

Festivities begin at five in Memorial Park, in the evening there will be a concert at 6pm by Aluminum Marshmallow, and the famous Bubblewrap Fireworks for kids. The beer garden will be open from 5 to 10 p.m.  Everyone is urged to bring chairs and blankets for open seating.

This Year's Schedule, Sunday, July 4th

Beer garden opens at 5, till 10pm.  Concert in the Park begins at 5:30pm at Memorial Park, featuring Rocktail.  Family Movie Night featuring Shrek will begin at about 8:15, or when it's dark enough. Everyone is urged to bring chairs and blankets for open seating.

This Year's Schedule, Monday, July 5th

Sierra Madre Woman's Club Open House at 8am (550 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.)  The famous Hometown Parade starts at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 5, at Sunnyside and Sierra Madre Blvd., led by Grand Marshal Lew Watanabe, with the usual festivities, including Civic Club Confetti Eggs, old style games and the beer garden, begining immediately after the parade, at about noon.  The beer garden closes at 4 p.m. As usual, the Night Blooming Jazzmen will perform Dixieland jazz  under the shade trees on the east side of the park starting at noon. Everyone is urged to bring chairs and blankets for open seating.


Traditionally, water has been squirted back and forth amongst viewers and participants during the parade.  However, this year the City has established a new set of Water Play Zone Guidelines. Sierra Vista Park is now the only designated water play zone (west side of the park on the grass lawn).  The Sierra Madre Fire Department will be spraying water into Sierra Vista Park for children and families to play in. Only water/squirt guns will be permitted at the water play zone.  Absolutely no water balloons or use of water hoses will be tolerated at the water play zone or anywhere along the parade route.

Absolutely NO water play by parade goers will be allowed along the parade route.  Parking signage will exhibit a “No Water Zone” notice along Sierra Madre Blvd.

Please support Sierra Madre's 4th of July activities with a generous donation! 

Mail to: PO Box 1073, Sierra Madre, CA 91025-1073.


thumbThe Fourth of July in Sierra Madre is a very big deal. They say "Half the town marches in the parade, the other half is watching." People come from all over the southland for the festivities, and when the 4th falls on a weekend, it's eeeextry goooood.  Concerts in the park, movies in the park, antique calliope shows, food and beverage booths in the park (including the traditional beer garden) and so much more. Make your plans to join us this year. But celebrations don't come without a lot of hard work. Kudos to the 4th of July committee, most of whom have been with the Committee since its inception and have guided it to its current heights.


4th of July Jokes

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Sierra Madre City College Marching Band Video, playing the Mickey Mouse song, from the year 2000 parade

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