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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2002
2002 Grand Marshal: Bob Quarnstrom, of Howie's Market


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Papa Doo Run Run in the Park, July 3rd, click here  My apologies to the Lampreys.  By the time I was finally able to get to the park, they had left the stage, and so I have no coverage of them.  It was not intentional, I just couldn't get there in time.

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2002 Year's Parade Lineup


TShirt2k2.jpg (155956 bytes)2002 Parade T-shirt





Here are some links to specific 4th of July Committee press releases and information about this year's festivities and downloadable audio files from this year's headliner:


6/24/02 - T-shirts


6/24/02 - Press release re: Monsters, Inc. showing July 4th

6/16/02 - Press release re: one of a kind vintage staff car to lead off parade

thumb 6/10/02 - Press Release re: Papa Doo Run Run and Lamprey to provide entertainment July 3rd

Download Papa Doo Run Run performing Sloop John B or Fun, Fun, Fun, in Real Audio or MP3. If you don't have the player, click on the button below to download the player you need.  I have not checked the Real Audio download, as I do not have Real Audio, so please let me know if you experience any problems.  I know the MP3 works fine.

Sloop John B - Real Audio       Sloop John B - MP3

Fun Fun Fun - Real Audio        Fun Fun Fun - MP3

For more on Papa Doo Run Run, including dozens more downloadable song files, go to

To download players, click on the button


6/5/02 - Press Release re: 2002 T-shirts available June 8

5/14/02 Press release re: Info also available by phone

742k2_p01.jpg (54337 bytes)

Pre-parade flag giveaway by Webb-Martin Realtors


742k2_p02.jpg (56889 bytes)

SMPD did a little pre-parade flagwaving 

742k2_p03.jpg (56089 bytes)

Gino, Bingo, Jill

742k2_p04.jpg (51076 bytes)

The Parade begins

742k2_p05.jpg (69903 bytes)

With the VFW Color Guard


742k2_p06.jpg (62021 bytes)

The always popular Sierra Madre City College Marching Band  - Download a video file HERE

742k2_p07.jpg (52206 bytes)

The President


742k2_p08.jpg (64178 bytes)

Lady Liberty

742k2_p09.jpg (46755 bytes)

SMCC float (There's another pic or three here)

742k2_p10.jpg (45867 bytes)

Grand Marshal Bob Quarnstrom approaches

742k2_p11.jpg (62730 bytes)

My apologies Bob, this is the best I got  (There's a video  here)

742k2_p12.jpg (55845 bytes)

Bob waves to the crowd in front of Howie's

742k2_p13.jpg (63844 bytes)

The Howie's and Meals on Wheels entry (There's more Howie's photos here


742k2_p14.jpg (61323 bytes)

Supervisor Michael Antonovich - lousy picture of him, but the car looks ok

742k2_p15.jpg (66095 bytes)

Citizen of the Year Carol Canterbury

742k2_p16.jpg (64593 bytes)

and family

742k2_p17.jpg (63946 bytes)

Good morning Mr. Mayor

742k2_p18.jpg (58997 bytes)

Bart gave me a Tootsie Roll

742k2_p19.jpg (69052 bytes)

City Councilman George Maurer


742k2_p20.jpg (68104 bytes)

City Councilman Rob Stockly

742k2_p21.jpg (60206 bytes)

The Torreses

742k2_p22.jpg (50552 bytes)

Arcadia Fire Dept.

742k2_p23.jpg (59889 bytes)

Good Morning Mr. Mountjoy

742k2_p24.jpg (66128 bytes)

This amphibian looked ready for a swim

742k2_p25.jpg (74376 bytes)

Miss Armed Forces


742k2_p26.jpg (43366 bytes)

The antique cars are always a hit

742k2_p27.jpg (56003 bytes)

A closer look

742k2_p28.jpg (68195 bytes)

Closer look #2

742k2_p29.jpg (57317 bytes)

Closer look, take 3

742k2_p30.jpg (57922 bytes)

Some were souped up

742k2_p31.jpg (59801 bytes)

Classic Thunderbirds 742k2_p31.jpg

742k2_p32.jpg (66888 bytes)

SM Rose Court Princess

742k2_p33.jpg (61355 bytes)

Another princess

742k2_p34.jpg (61145 bytes)

Yet another princess

742k2_p35.jpg (68425 bytes)

and their escort?

742k2_p36.jpg (56493 bytes)

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association entry

742k2_p37.jpg (48063 bytes)

Sierra Madre Search and Rescue


742k2_p38.jpg (72335 bytes)

I liked the hat

742k2_p39.jpg (71568 bytes)

Volunteers raised money for the Rose Float by selling roses

742k2_p40.jpg (59914 bytes)

A birds-eye view

742k2_p41.jpg (61557 bytes)

Scouts were raising funds by selling water

742k2_p42.jpg (52703 bytes)

More Search and Rescue

742k2_p43.jpg (59409 bytes)

Enough equipment, here's the heart of the Search and Rescue, the members


742k2_p44.jpg (45742 bytes)

Mama Pete's former students were all along the boulevard

742k2_p45.jpg (67965 bytes)

Her current students were also on the boulevard

742k2_p46.jpg (61716 bytes)

This truck had a cookout going

742k2_p47.jpg (50296 bytes)

Jeepers, this is a great parade

742k2_p48.jpg (64262 bytes)

CLIMB is celebrating its 25th year

742k2_p49.jpg (61208 bytes)

More CLIMBers


742k2_p50.jpg (51558 bytes)

And even more CLIMBers

742k2_p51.jpg (68653 bytes)

One of several Scout packs in the parade

742k2_p52.jpg (24759 bytes)

Antique organs on display in the Park on Saturday

742k2_p53.jpg (70575 bytes)

Catrelya's belly dancing has become a 4th of July tradition

742k2_p54.jpg (44126 bytes)

Rotary Club's entry included their dip tank

742k2_p55.jpg (74237 bytes)

On a bicycle built for two


742k2_p56.jpg (69289 bytes)

Hastings Ranch Nursery School

742k2_p57.jpg (61577 bytes)

It's HARD riding a tricycle this far...

742k2_p58.jpg (68241 bytes)

Sierra Madre Elementary School

742k2_p59.jpg (69758 bytes)

This fiddler is a year-round Sierra Madre tradition, not just on the 4th

742k2_p60.jpg (55772 bytes)

Another Scout troop, this one is Pack 110 from St. Rita's

742k2_p61.jpg (69328 bytes)

Is that Tom, from Beantown?


742k2_p62.jpg (77137 bytes)

That's Pack 110 again

742k2_p63.jpg (47558 bytes)

Varmit Counsil's annual entry

742k2_p64.jpg (55375 bytes)

I don't know who this is

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I have made two thumbnail index pages of the parade to speed up downloading, as close to chronological as possible, with a few exceptions, which are marked.  If you just want to see a select few photos, the thumbnail page is your best bet, and you will also find links to videos in the photo captions. But if you plan to look at lots of pics, here's a hint to speed up your viewing.  Click on any thumbnail picture to see it full-size.  Then go to the navigation bar (location bar), and change the number to the left of the ".jpg" up by one, i.e., change 742k2_p01.jpg to 742k2_p02.jpg.  Then press enter, or click go.  This way you will be able to view all the pictures without having to come back to the thumbnail page, and waiting for it to reload.  I have put the number of photo at the beginning of each row to make it easier for you.  This method works on the parade and park photos only, not the concert photos.

The video files are all short, so they should be quick downloads, except the Sierra Madre City College video, which is just over 1 mb, about 3 minutes to download on a 56k. And if you see friends of yours on these pages, be sure and let them know, so they can see themselves too.  A lot of people still don't know about this site, so please don't just assume they know they are on the site.  They'll thank you for it, and I thank you for it as well. 


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