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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2002
2002 Grand Marshal: Bob Quarnstrom, of Howie's Market


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Papa Doo Run Run in the Park, July 3rd, click here  My apologies to the Lampreys.  By the time I was finally able to get to the park, they had left the stage, and so I have no coverage of them.  It was not intentional, I just couldn't get there in time.

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2002 Year's Parade Lineup


TShirt2k2.jpg (155956 bytes)2002 Parade T-shirt





742k2_p65.jpg (65751 bytes)

A bicycle built for one


742k2_p66.jpg (58785 bytes)

The Pasadena Humane Society was on hand

742k2_p67.jpg (60884 bytes)

And they do travel well

742k2_p68.jpg (52853 bytes)

Rare Metropolitan

742k2_p69.jpg (48540 bytes)

Sierra Madre Highlanders roller hockey team, click here to view video

742k2_p70.jpg (67632 bytes)

Sierra Madre Highlanders roller hockey team, again

742k2_p71.jpg (55082 bytes)

Sierra Madre Playhouse


742k2_p72.jpg (52196 bytes)

Sierra Madre Playhouse, again

742k2_p73.jpg (63724 bytes)

Stogie Men of California, there's a video here, though I'm not sure why

742k2_p74.jpg (58103 bytes)

Looks like Pack 113, from Hugo Reid School

742k2_p75.jpg (44783 bytes)

More classic vehicles

742k2_p76.jpg (51163 bytes)

More classic vehicles

742k2_p77.jpg (52585 bytes)

Here come some more scouts


742k2_p78.jpg (66496 bytes)

Sierra Madre Community Nursery School

742k2_p79.jpg (73811 bytes)

I don't recall what this entry was, but it had nothing to do with the Grateful Dead

742k2_p80.jpg (66932 bytes)

Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce entry 

742k2_p81.jpg (66905 bytes)

Congregational Church

742k2_p82.jpg (53238 bytes)

More Congregational Church

742k2_p83.jpg (63276 bytes)

Last Congregational Church shot 742k2_p83.jpg

742k2_p84.jpg (60944 bytes)

Sierra Madre Post office entry

742k2_p85.jpg (50126 bytes)

Honda mini-cars entry

742k2_p86.jpg (72443 bytes)

A neighborhood entry in a neighborhood parade

742k2_p87.jpg (70577 bytes)

Sierra Madre Environmental Action Council

742k2_p88.jpg (63552 bytes)

Sierra Madre Chorale - There's a really really short video here (floppy ran out of space)

742k2_p89.jpg (66231 bytes)

57 Chevy


742k2_p90.jpg (66046 bytes)

Century 21 Village Realty

742k2_p91.jpg (61056 bytes)

Foothill Gym Entry

742k2_p92.jpg (67571 bytes)

Live music, sign on the door said "With Liberty and Justice For All", but I don't know if that's their name

742k2_p93.jpg (78426 bytes)

Prudential California Realty's Entry

742k2_p94.jpg (67355 bytes)

I don't recall who this entry was

742k2_p95.jpg (61354 bytes)

Classic roadster


742k2_p96.jpg (78635 bytes)

PUSD superintendent Dr. Percy Clark

742k2_p97.jpg (59315 bytes)

Sierra Madre Drum Circle  You can hear them playing in the background of the Shriner video, found in the next frame

742k2_p98.jpg (79974 bytes)

The San Gabriel Shriner's entry is always popular.  There's a video here, and another still photo here

742k2_p99.jpg (57349 bytes)

Sierra Madre Girl's Softball Association

742k2_p100.jpg (74606 bytes)

Laurel's Apparel Service

742k2_p101.jpg (75540 bytes)

A Hummer


742k2_p102.jpg (70959 bytes)

Don Crocker's driving this classic, I'm not sure if it's an official Clamper entry or not

742k2_p103.jpg (87744 bytes)

I'm glad I don't live next door to this, or a block away for that matter.  It's LOUD

742k2_p104.jpg (58090 bytes)

The end is near

742k2_p105.jpg (67885 bytes)

Here's Mark, from Post Alarms

742k2_p106.jpg (67557 bytes)

Sierra Madre Fire Dept. banner

742k2_p107.jpg (52936 bytes)

Sierra Madre Fire Dept.


742k2_p108.jpg (58344 bytes)

Monster Truck

742k2_p109.jpg (60229 bytes)

A Sierra Madre tradition, hosing down the spectators 

742k2_p110.jpg (58368 bytes)


742k2_p111.jpg (58574 bytes)

Ditto, Ditto

742k2_p112.jpg (67445 bytes)

Firemen's families?

742k2_p113.jpg (66836 bytes)

Another Sierra Madre City College shot (out of order, see first page for more)


742k2_p114.jpg (59731 bytes)

Another Sierra Madre City College shot (out of order, see first page for more)

742k2_p115.jpg (69475 bytes)

Another Sierra Madre City College shot (out of order, see first page for more)

742k2_p116.jpg (79524 bytes)

Howie's owner Kathy Picano was having fun (out of order, see first page for more)

742k2_p117.jpg (78484 bytes)

Another Howie's/Meals on Wheels pic(out of order, see first page  for more)

742k2_p118.jpg (68101 bytes)

Another Shriner's shot (out of order, see above for more)

742k2_p119.jpg (76941 bytes)

The winners of the egg toss contest.  There's video of the winning catch here.  Watch the guy in the white shirt, not the guy in the red shorts

Another egg toss video

Another egg toss video

Another egg toss video


741k1_p120.jpg (66322 bytes)

Balloon toss

741k1_p122.jpg (76482 bytes)

Another balloon toss, that blue thing in the air is a balloon

741k1_p121.jpg (76054 bytes)

The playground is always packed on 4th of July

741k1_p123.jpg (87170 bytes)

The Pasadena Humane Society set up a display

741k1_p124.jpg (97468 bytes)

The afternoon crowd enjoyed dixieland jazz performed by....

741k1_p125.jpg (70664 bytes)

The Nightblooming Jazzmen


741k1_p126.jpg (69216 bytes)

Closer shot

741k1_p127.jpg (65561 bytes)

Closer again

First page of thumbnails

I have made two thumbnail index pages of the parade to speed up downloading, as close to chronological as possible, with a few exceptions, which are marked.  If you just want to see a select few photos, the thumbnail page is your best bet, and you will also find links to videos in the photo captions. But if you plan to look at lots of pics, here's a hint to speed up your viewing.  Click on any thumbnail picture to see it full-size.  Then go to the navigation bar (location bar), and change the number to the left of the ".jpg" up by one, i.e., change 742k2_p01.jpg to 742k2_p02.jpg.  Then press enter, or click go.  This way you will be able to view all the pictures without having to come back to the thumbnail page, and waiting for it to reload.  I have put the number of photo at the beginning of each row to make it easier for you.  This method works on the parade and park photos only, not the concert photos.

The video files are all short, so they should be quick downloads, except the Sierra Madre City College video, which is just over 1 mb, about 3 minutes to download on a 56k. And if you see friends of yours on these pages, be sure and let them know, so they can see themselves too.  A lot of people still don't know about this site, so please don't just assume they know they are on the site.  They'll thank you for it, and I thank you for it as well. 


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