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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2004
2004 Grand Marshal: Doug Berkshire

4th of July Parade

Monday, July 5, 2004


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4th of July Parade Features Fun For All  The Fourth of July Parade and Post Parade activities in the park featured fun for all.  The parade featured nearly 100 entries, and an enthusiastic crowd lined Sierra Madre Blvd. to cheer on the marchers.  Received especially well were the members of the VFW and the Pasadena High School NJROTC Color Guard, (anything representing our armed forces got big cheers from the crowd, really), the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team, pretty much any entry composed mainly of children, including numerous Scout troops, Mama Pete, who is celebrating her 60th year teaching Sierra Madre's children, and, as always, Katrelya Angus (the belly dancer) and the Sierra Madre City College Marching Band and Float, which this year lampooned state mandated Affordable Housing   After the parade, Civic Club sponsored games in the park, the Gremoli Jazz Band performed Dixieland jazz in the park, and the SMVFA sponsored its ever popular beer garden.  A 50/50 raffle was held, with the winner receiving $640.  All of the Fourth of July events are brought to you by the Sierra Madre Fourth of July Committee, with no financial assistance from the City whatsoever.  To ensure that these events continue on an annual basis, please send contributions to:

Sierra Madre 4th of July Comm.

PO Box 1073

Sierra Madre, CA 91025-1073

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In an effort to get pictures of as many entries as possible, I lowered the resolution setting.  In doing so, I reduced the quality of the pictures far more than I realized was going to happen.  My apologies for the poor quality of many of these pictures.


Scouts announce the beginning of the Parade

Pasadena High's NJROTC Color Guard


Sierra Madre VFW Post Commancer Bill Newbery (Battle of the Bulge) and other vets

More vets

Soldier in uniform

Normandy invasion combat engineer

Sierra Madre City College

SMCC Marching Band

Drum Corps

The Float


Ditto the ditto

Grand Marshal Douglas Berkshire and wife

LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich

Mayor and Citizen of the Year Rob Stockly

City Council Member George Maurer

City Council Member John Buchanan

City Council Member Enid Joffe

City Council Member Tonja Torres

Arcadia Fire Dept. antique engine

State Senator Bob Margett

Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy

Hugh Campbell, representing the SM Historical Preservation Society

Older American of the Year John Grijalva

Miss Armed Forces

Antique cars

High Wheel bicycle rider John Akin

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