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Sierra Madre Fourth of July, 2004
2004 Grand Marshal: Doug Berkshire

Woman's Club Open House, Pre-Parade Photos

Monday, July 5, 2004


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Woman's Club Holds Pre-Parade Open House  The Sierra Madre Woman's Club invited the community to their 27th Annual Pre-Parade Open House on July 5th.  Coffee, juice, and sweet rolls were served to all who came.  In addition, there was a patriotic sing-along.  The Woman's Club clubhouse is located at 550 W. Sierra Madre in the historic Essick House.  The Clubhouse location, at the corner of Sunnyside and Sierra Madre, is also the starting point of the 4th of July parade. After leaving the Woman's Club, I strolled among the Parade entrants and took a few pictures.  Click on a photo below to see it larger.


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Patriotic singalong at the Woman's Club, led by Phyllis Harris and pianist who's name I don't know

Ann Tyler helps with serving up the goodies

Some of the crowd outside the Essick House

Antique cars

Shriner's mini-cars

Members of Search and Rescue

Troop 110 by E. Waldo Ward truck/Pioneer Days entry

Mama Pete celebrates 60 years teaching this year

That says it all

As long as they were posing, why not take one, too

Snooky Greger, she goes to everything

For the first time in more than a decade, we had a vendor

One way to pass the time waiting for the start

Officer Nealy


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