Revised City Council Agenda and Links to Staff Reports for Tuesday Night, 7/24/12

Posted 7/22/12 – Here is the Revised Agenda for Tuesday night’s Council meeting.  There will be lots of discussion about lawsuits in a closed session prior to the meeting, most (if not all of them) involving former members of the SMPD, or the SM Police Officers’ Association.

There will be a presentation by SMRFA President Robert Young.

You can download the complete Council agenda staff report packet here, or, click on one of the links below for that item’s individual staff report (faster downloads).

The consent calendar has the warrants,

a resolution about SMFD conditions of employment, including a change to the classifications/salary to allow the three fire captains approved by Council some time back,

review of SMTV3 channel guidelines,

a resolution for a household hazardous waste roundup on August 17th and 18th,

and the designation of delegates for a League of California Cities annual conference.

Other Agenda items:

Public hearing on a resolution regarding public nuisances, code enforcement fees and attorney fees

Public hearing on the Kensington ALF project, Specific Plan, Municipal Code Text Amendment, and CUP

Discussion regarding a special election in November to amend Measure V density regulations to allow construction of Kensington ALF consistent with the Specific Plan

Consideration of Planning Commission applicants and disclosure of applications

Consideration of Council Succession Plan (in event Council member leaves office before the end of the term)

Adopting Chapter 1.14 of the Municipal Code regarding public nuisances, code enforcement fees, and attorney’s fees