Halloween in SM

There was this big ol’ spider at the Parkers’

Alegria will be closed this year due to the pandemic.

Sierra Madre  really does Halloween like no other town.  We have Halloween Window Painting, generally done the Friday before Halloween, and sponsored by the Civic Club.  It’s been going on for more than 40 years, not quite sure how long.  If you know, please pass the info along.  Kids compete against others in their age group, and local businesses provide a window “canvas” for their Halloween Art.  We used to have a parade of the school kids downtown, though it disappeared a few years back.  But you’ll find photos photos and video footage below.  We have downtown Trick or Treating at the local businesses in the late afternoon on Halloween.  Following that, there’s a costume parade from Kersting Court to Memorial Park.  And once everyone arrives at Memorial Park, there’s a costume contest, sponsored annually by the Sierra Madre Kiwanis Club.

Probably the most well known event in town, though, is the annual trek made by thousands of folks up to Alegria Ave. to see how the residents have decorated their houses, what scary ghouls are flying through the air, and to see all the carved pumpkins.  Bud Switzer is generally credited with starting the pumpkin tradition, when he began lining his driveway with lit jack o’lanterns because he was hoping to entice more kids up the long uphill walk to his house.  It worked…Bud has had as many as several hundred pumpkins in a single year, but the last few years, he’s passed the torch to his neighbor down the street, Doug Parker.  Doug, along with his brother-in-law Chris Roberts, have taken the pumpkin displays to a whole ‘nother level, with carved pumpkins in the style of tiffany lamps, fountains that actually pump water, horse drawn carriages, motorcycles, a 20’ spider, and a dragon style collection of pumpkins that extends the length of his yard.  Doug grows many of his own pumpkins, sometimes as heavy as 700 pounds.  Doug and his wife Heather go out of their way to put on a good show for the thousands who visit their street, as does Chris, who flies out from the East coast every year to spend a week carving prior to the big event.

Below, you’ll find links to pages that link to pages of our photos and videos of each year that we’ve covered, the links being to the page for each of the events for that year only.  Soon, I’ll be adding links for each event, in chronological order by year…  We hope you enjoy yourself looking at these, and that you’ll be inspired to join us for Halloween.  And of course, while you’re here, please stop by our downtown businesses and do a little shopping and dining.

Here’s the schedule of events:

Halloween Happenings Friday, October 31st, 2014

Come join us for a family friendly event in downtown Sierra Madre

Schedule of Events
3:30-5:00pm: Downtown Sierra Madre Trick-o-Treating
4:00-5:00pm Costume Contest Waivers and Information in Kersting Court
5:00pm Costume Parade
5:30pm Costume Contest

For more information and a map of the event, please visit
or call the Community Services at (626) 355-5278






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