Sierra Madre News Net Reintroduces

Block format of SierraMadreNews.Net event calendar

Posted 8/15/12 – SierraMadreNews.Net is pleased to re-introduce our Sierra Madre calendar of events, found at  On our calendar, you’ll find listings for Sierra Madre events, including commission meetings, non-profit organization events, library activities and much more.  Many of these events link to more information about the event or the organization posting the event.  For instance, you can click on the listing for the Community Services Commission, and the link will take you to the City’s website page for the Community Services Commission, where you can find out who is sitting on the commission, their term, the commission’s mission and much more.  If we have done an article about an event, the event listing will frequently link to that article.

The format for the calendar is flexible.  You can view a day, a week, a month, or a year at a time.  You can view in block format (like a print calendar), or in list format.

If you would like to have your organization’s event posted (sorry, I’m using a third party calendar provider, and am unable to let you post your event yourself), just send an e-mail with pertinent info (event, date, time, location, cost of admission, who will benefit, etc.) to

List format for SierraMadreNews.Net's event calendar

Bill@SierraMadreNews.Net and we’ll do our best to get it posted right away.  Events must take place in Sierra Madre or benefit Sierra Madre or a Sierra Madre business or organization.  We reserve the right to determine what events are posted (sorry, we won’t be posting little Debbie’s 7th birthday, or little Tommy’s recital).