Subway Apparently Coming to Sierra Madre

Posted 8/23/12 – We’ve been hearing rumors for quite some time that the property that once was Steamers was going to host a franchise sandwich shop.  Those rumors have, at different times, included both Quiznos and Subway as possibilities, with the most recent whispers having to do with Subway.  The property owner had received a CUP for up to three food service locations in the building, with significantly expanded seating/dining area from what had been approved for Steamers; construction has been ongoing for months, and it looks like they still have a ways to go.  When I spoke with the property owner around the time of the CUP approval, he said he did not have tenants lined up, and he told me that he was open to non-food service tenants.

Today, while perusing Craig’s List, I happened across an ad for an Assistant Manager wanted for a restaurant.  Clicked on it, and in the second paragraph, saw the following:  “We are a Multi Unit Franchise Owner of SUBWAY Restaurants located in the East San Gabriel Valley cities of Covina, Pomona, San Dimas and coming soon to Sierra Madre.”

According to City staff, nothing has been submitted to the Planning Dept., though since a CUP has been issued, it’s likely that there would not need to be anything submitted, unless the project called for uses that are outside the already approved conditions of use.  Also, staff reports that as of now, there has not been a business license applied for.