SMFD Introduces New Captains

SM Fire Chief Steve Heydorff and Captains Brent Bartlett, Rich Snyder, Mike Goth and Greg Christmas, click to enlarge

Posted 9/13/12 – Sierra Madre Fire Chief Steve Heydorff introduced the new (and old) captains of the Sierra Madre Fire Dept. to the City at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.  Greg Christmas is the new EMS Captain, overseeing the Paramedic program.  Mike Goth, a 20-year veteran Firefighter (with various departments) will oversee training.  Rich Snyder will be in charge of fire prevention, and he is a 20+ year veteran with SMFD.  Brent Bartlett will work as a part-time captain to assist with keeping overtime down.

Captains Snyder and Christmas were formerly Fire Marshal and Paramedic Coordinator, respectively.  In the recent realignment of the Department’s organizational structure, these positions were eliminated, and three full-time captain positions and one part-time captain position were created.