ALF Approved in Landslide, Chu, Holden and Liu Elected to Local Seats

Posted 11/7/12 – Measure ALF passed easily in yesterday’s election, with 77% of Sierra Madreans that voted approving a change to Measure V that exempted the two parcels on which the Kensington Assisted Living Facility from the density requirement of 13 units per acre.  The project will still conform to the limitations of a maximum of two-stories and maximum thirty feet in height.

Democratic Congresswoman Judy Chu will now represent Sierra Madre in the United States Congress in the newly drawn 25th District, replacing Congressman David Dreier who retired after more than three decades.  Ms. Chu outdistanced her Republican opponent Jack Orswell 65% to 35%.

Tea Party candidate Donna Lowe was defeated by Pasadena City Council member  Chris Holden by a margin of 62% to 38% in the 41st State Assembly District.

Democratic State Senator Carol Liu outdistanced Republic Gil Gonzalez 62% to 38% in the 25th State Senate district contest.

More on the election below the charts…

Ten of ten precincts reporting in Sierra Madre:

MEASURE ALF Votes Percent
NO 1,092 22.94

US Representative, 27th Congressional District, 395 of 395 precincts reporting

Candidate Party Votes Percent
JUDY CHU DEM  110,602 65.36
JACK ORSWELL REP  58,610 34.64

State Assembly, 41st District, 260 of 260 precincts reporting

Candidate Party Votes Percent
CHRIS HOLDEN DEM  71,596 61.75
DONNA LOWE REP  44,346 38.25

State Senate, 25th District, 544 of 544 precincts reporting

Candidate Party Votes Percent
CAROL LIU DEM  151,697 61.7

Prop. 30, which will increase taxes to pay for schools, won 54 to 46%.  Prop. 31 regarding the state budget, was defeated 61% to 39%.  Prop 32, the campaign finance reform initiative, was also defeated, 56% to 44%.  Prop. 33, the auto insurance initiative, went down 55% to 45%.  Prop 34 to amend the death penalty in special circumstance murders, lost 53% to 44%.  The definition of human trafficking was expanded with the passage of Prop. 35, which won in a landslide, 81% to 19%.  Likewise, Prop. 36 amending the definition of three strikes was passed, 69% to 31%.  Monsanto won a big victory with the defeat of Prop. 37 regarding the labeling of GMOs, which went down 53% to 47%.  Prop. 38, the “other” school funding ballot went down 72% to 28%.  Californians approved a new business tax with Prop. 38 passing 60% to 40%.  And the newly drawn State Senate districts will remain as they are, with Prop. 40 passing 71.5% to 28.5%.

Diane Feinstein remains our State Senator, and Barack Obama remains our president.  But we have a new District Attorney.  Jackie Lacey is the first woman and the first African-American to hold that post.

LA County will continue to elect its tax assessor, porn actors will now be required to wear condoms, and the sales tax increase to fund the MTA will stay in place.