AT&T Cell Towers Update

Posted 11/14/12 – Recently, we reported that the cell tower being co-located at the Methodist Church by AT&T to improve cell reception on the west end of town had not passed its final inspection in mid-October.  Since then, there has been a clarification.  Apparently, there are two final inspections, one for conformance with plan check, and following that, or concurrent with that, there is a second final inspection, by the building inspector.  According to Danny Castro, director of Development Services, “We conducted a planning inspection two weeks ago, and it didn’t pass because the branch colors of the extension to the monopine did not match the lower half.  This is something the Planning Commission was very concerned about.   AT&T is working with T-Mobile to fix this problem.  Once this is done, and the monopine aesthetically matches both top and bottom half, we will then approve the planning and (allow the) final inspection.”  On further questioning, Mr. Castro stated that the final inspection could be done at the same time as the planning inspection, so if AT&T gets the branches to match colors, as they submitted in their plans, the next inspection could in fact be the last inspection.  However, AT&T has not yet called for the final inspection.  Acccording to Mr. Castro, “The ball’s on their court.”

Asked about the cell tower planned for the City yard to help with reception in the east end of town, Mr. Castro responded that “On 10/2, we approved the plan check, however, we informed them that the lease agreement (approved by City Council at its 10/9 meeting) needs to be signed before we can issue a building permit.  We received word on 10/23 that we had received the signed lease agreement from AT&T.   AT&T obtained their building permit on 10/25/12.  I don’t know if the construction has begun.”  Assuming that AT&T would need to coordinate with Public Works to  complete the tower in the City yard, I contacted Bruce Inman, director of Public Works for the City to inquire as to whether or not construction has begun.  According to Mr. Inman, he received a voice message from AT&T Director of External Affairs Richard Roche last week while he was out of the office on vacation, and they have been playing phone tag, but as of now, nothing has been coordinated with Public Works to move the project forward.  However, according to Mr. Inman, when he last spoke with Mr. Roche “several weeks ago,” their intent was to have the City yard tower operational by the first of the year.