Bobcat Fire Update from City Manager Gabe Engeland

Press release from City:

Sierra Madre residents,

I want to provide an update on the fire so people know the resources we have assigned in Sierra Madre, as well as what to expect this evening. Currently Sierra Madre has 4 strike teams assigned to the city. Each strike team consists of 5 engines. We have a total of 10 type 1 engines, and 10 type 6 engines. The incident also has 2 air tankers (phos-chek airplanes), 2 helicopters, and a structure protection team that you will be able to observe working this side of the fire. This is in addition to numerous fire equipment and personnel.

Incident command has done an excellent job of managing the resources assigned to the fire, and the Sierra Madre Fire Department, as part of unified command, has been working the fire locally and in conjunction with Arcadia and Monrovia.

The Sierra Madre Police Department will be limiting access to only residents in the canyon areas through barricaded and guarded street entry.

We have released color-coded maps of the 3 canyon areas that may require evacuation. We remain under an evacuation warning in Sierra Madre, but the only evacuations which have taken place are for properties east of Santa Anita and north of Elkins. You can view and download the evacuation maps as well as watch Fire Captain Rich Snyder’s explanation of the maps at

As the sun goes down and the smoke fully lifts, Sierra Madre residents will again be able to clearly see flames and will be able to observe how far the fire has moved. Please be assured that we are watching the fire locally, coordinating regionally, and working with incident command to keep Sierra Madre residents safe. We will provide another update this evening, after 8 p.m., when the incident command briefing is concluded. Please continue to get information for Sierra Madre here:;; Thanks, – Gabriel L. Engeland, City Manager