Tradition of Wistaria Festival Postal Cancellation to Continue on St. Patty’s

Image courtesy of US Post Office

Press Release posted 3/11/13 – The United States Post Office and the Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce are proud to announce a Special Postal Cancellation to celebrate the 2013 Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival.  This special postmark will be available at the Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival, Sunday March  17, 2013 at the Wistaria Festival Postal Station located at Kersting Court in Sierra Madre.  Kersting Court is located at Sierra Madre Boulevard and Baldwin Avenue.

This special Wistaria Festival Station will be open 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. 

Bring postcards or letters and post from this special event post office and your friends will be surprised when they receive mail with this extraordinary Wistaria Event Postmark.  This postal cancellation has been announced and will be published in the U. S. Postal Bulletin to be published in the March 7, edition which is distributed world wide.  To accommodate collectors from out of the area the Sierra Madre Post Office will cancel postcards and letters upon request with the 2013 Postmark Wistaria Cancellation for 30 days following the event..

To postmark a letter after the Festival go to Sierra Madre Post office and request the special 2013 Wistaria Postmark for your mail.

For additional information contact:

The Sierra Madre Chamber of  Commerce  (626) 355-5111, e-mail

U. S Post Office Sierra Madre, California 91024