2013 Kids Fun Run Warm-up and Finish Video

Posted 5/28/13 – Since 2006 , in addition to the Trail Race, there is a kid’s race run that is run separately, called the Kid’s Fun Run.  In this, the eighth running of the race, there were two separate divisions, one for kids 3 to 6, and another for kids 7 to 12.  The race is sponsored by CATZ of Pasadena and the Sierra Madre Community Foundation.  The younger kids do a half-mile run (up Baldwin to Laurel), and the older kids run a mile (up to Mira Monte and back).  Before the race, members of the CATZ staff (and other volunteers) warm the kids up with stretching exercises, and all the participating kids get ribbons and t-shirts.  The older kids get started first, since they have a longer way to go.  This means that a really quick youngster running the shorter distance can actually be the first one to cross the line, as happened this year.  I believe Lisa said he was a 6-year old, named Will.  You can see that in the video, at about the 2:15 mark.

While we’re on the subject of t-shirts, this year, for the second year, there’s has been a t-shirt design contest for the fun run, where local kids are encouraged to submit their designs and a winner is picked to put on the Fun Run t-shirts.  Submitted pieces of artwork had to include a depiction of Mount Wilson in their design.  this year’s winner was Sierra Madre Elementary School student Christine Manoukian, who titled her work “Kid’s Run.”  Christine was recognized at Saturday’s event, as well.  Her design was chosen by the Trail Race Committee from about twenty submittals.

As promised, I’ve now posted some higher resolution images than what I posted Saturday immediately after the race (a lot more).  They can be found here. And here’s the video. Enjoy.