Pumpkin Moving Day at the Parkers, 2013

Posted 10/27/13 – I stopped by Doug and Heather Parker’s place on Alegria Saturday, after being invited to stop by for moving day.  I’ve covered moving day in the past, and gotten some great pictures and video.  Unfortunately, the way my day worked out this year, I was too late for the actual moving.  But I did get a look at some of the pumpkins they’ll be carving, and got a little info on what we can expect this year. According to Heather, their patch was hit by a virus this year, and “it did affect the Atlantic Giant crop.  We don’t have an 800-pounder like last year, but we do have some hefty ones and a pup that is about 500.”

I’m told there will be motorcycles this year for the first time, that we can expect to see a chopper and a trike.  Also, there’s going to be a pot-belly stove this year.  Kind of ironic, when you consider all the news this town has made in the last few days over another pot-belly – of the pig variety.  Enjoy the photos below, and we’ll see you up on Alegria on Thursday.