Sierra Madre Election 2014 – A Look at the Candidates

Posted 3/10/14 – Sierra Madre Election 2014

On Tuesday, April 8th, Sierra Madre will hold an election.  At stake will be three City Council seats, and there are four candidates vying for the three seats, which are four year terms of office.  They will join Mayor pro tem John Harabedian and Council Member John Capoccia on the council shortly after the election.  Also on the ballot is a UUT initiative, which asks the residents if they want to extend the 2008 UUT increase through 2022.  I’ll be posting more about the UUT soon, but for now, I have candidate information.  Since 2002, each election the News Net has sent a questionnaire to the Council candidates.  One that has nothing to do with the issues that will face them on the Council.  There are plenty of forums for the candidates to get that information to the voters, both in print, through mailers, at local organization candidate forums, and at candidate coffees, among other things.  With my questionnaire, I try to keep it a little lighter, and get to know a little about the candidates’ personal likes and dislikes as individuals, not so much as candidates.

We also offer the candidates the opportunity to post bio information, issue statements, and campaign material on our site.  Click here for candidate information, at the end of the link you’ll find a page on which the candidates are listed alphabetically, with basic information such as how long they’ve lived in town, where they work and what they do, and what their level of participation is in town leading up to their candidacy.  There are also links to their websites and their Facebook pages.  If you click on the candidate’s name, it will take you to a page where you’ll find their responses to the questionnaire, their bios/issue statements, and, if they provided it to me, their campaign material.  I did not take what came in the mail, I posted only what was provided to me by the candidate for the purpose of the website, whether it was a hard copy I scanned, or an electronic file they e-mailed me.

As I said, I’ll be posting more information about the UUT, including the City Attorney’s impartial analysis, and the Ballot Arguments, for and against.  I’ve also posted the first of three Opinion pieces submitted to me by Council member John Capoccia, in which he discusses why he’s voting for the UUT.  Differing opinions are invited, and we also encourage you to use the Comment section of the site to join in the dialogue.  Please note, if the article you want to comment on is the feature article on the home page, you will need to click on the headline to go to that article’s page to post your comment.  Please keep it civil.

Please note – there’s a link at the top of the page for Election 2014.  That will be the easiest gateway to election information over the next few weeks.