Hot and Sunny Wistaria Festival – Photo Gallery

Posted 3/16/17 – On a hot sunny day that my phone tells me reached 90 degrees, the Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce hosted it’s annual Wistaria Festival today.  Noticing an unusually high incidence of emergency personnel on the boulevard today, I spoke to SM Police Chief Larry Giannone at about 3pm, and as of then, there had been two calls to the festival for heat, one for a sprained ankle, and one for a bee sting.  The vine itself appears to have peaked prior to the festival, as there were very few blossoms and quite a few leaves (the vine gets covered with leaves after the blooms, we’re told).

Here are the photos I shot at the festival and the vine today…I didn’t shoot much in the way of video.  I did get some video of the Gem City Jazz Cats, including a tribute to their leader Clyde Towles,  who worked here in town at Prudential California Realty and passed away recently.  Services for Clyde will be Friday the 21st at the Foothills Lutheran Church, 4630 Wheeler Ave. in La Verne at 1:30pm.  I’ll be posting the video soon.