Mt. Wilson Trail Race 2014, Finish Photos page 4, Finishers 43 to 64

Posted 5/27/14 – Here are finishers 43 to 64.  Since the search feature on my site doesn’t search captions, you can try searching for your name or bib number using the “find on this page” feature in your browser (Control-F in Windows).

Please note – the finish order on this page is out of order, because the files are named numerically.  so runner 43 is actually in the seventh row, second picture in, Jim Liston (image 74).  The photos go in order to the bottom, Joohun Yun, who is runner 55 (image 99).  Then return to the top of the page, (image 100) Joohun Yun again, and on down to the image right before Jim Liston.

These photos have been reduced in size and compressed for the web. If you’d like a high resolution image without the copyright notice, feel free to contact me at  I have done my best to identify runners based on bib numbers and comparisons with the official results, but if I’ve misidentified someone, please feel free to contact me using the e-mail in the previous sentence.

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