AT&T Cell Tower on Planning Commission Agenda Tonight

A request for Conditional Use Permit (C.U.P.) by A T & T so that they can co-locate their cell equipment at an existing tower at Methodist Church to improve cell coverage on the west end of town is on tonight’s agenda.  In April, a similar request was made of the City Council for a cell tower in the City Yard to improve cell coverage for the south and east part of town.  That request was required to go before the City Council because the tower was on City property.  Tonight’s request will not have to go before the City Council because the tower is not on City property.  You can read more about A T & T’s cell tower at the City Yards here and here.

The only other item on tonight’s agenda is a request for a hillside development permit and a C.U.P. for a trash enclosure at 600 Baldwin Court, which is apparently going to be the first property developed in the One Carter project area.

Here is the agenda for tonight’s Planning Commission meeting.