Follow-up re: Budget on Tuesday Night’s Council Agenda

At the special meeting of the City Council to introduce the draft 2011-2013 budget, City Manager Elaine Aguilar mentioned that the draft being proposed and discussed that night, a copy of which you can find here, would be modified several times before the Council takes action to approve it, now scheduled to take place at the June 14th meeting.  The budget must be approved by June 30th, so if things are not finalized at the meeting on the 14th, there would still be a regularly scheduled meeting at which the council could take action, on the 28th.  At the end of the special meeting on May 4th, there were five items that Council had asked that staff look into, and report back to them. 

At this Tuesday night’s Council meeting, Agenda Item No. 4 is discussion of those five items, as well as two items brought forth by staff in relation to the budget.  The five items for which Council was seeking further analysis from staff are:

  1. Development Services use of part-time interns
  2. Development Services contract services
  3. Fire department reduction of the training budget
  4. Police department’s reduction of overtime costs
  5. Police department’s loss of COPs grant funding and impacts to services

In addition, staff is requesting modification to two items:

  1. Replacement of a portion of the YAC budget to the General Fund, net affect $15,000 
  2. Increase in transfers to Development Services, $50,000 to $75,000.

For the complete staff report to Council for this agenda item, including the 21-page staff report prepared by finance director Karin Schnaider for the May 4th special budget meeting, click here.