2014 Halloween Window Painting in Downtown Sierra Madre – Photo Gallery

Posted 10/25/14 – Yesterday was business window painting day in Sierra Madre, with kids competing in the Halloween Window Painting Contest, sponsored by the Sierra Madre Civic Club.  Today I’m posting pictures of the windows being painted.  Later today I’ll be going downtown to take pictures of the completed windows, without the kids in front of them, so you can see the finished handiwork of the kids.  I understand I’ll also be getting a list of the contest winners later, so I’ll be posting that as well.  This is one of the longstanding Sierra Madre traditions that makes this town so great.  Did you participate in the window painting as a kid?  Let us know in the comments, and please post the year (even if it’s approximate).  Does anybody know how long this has been going on?  Main Halloween Page    2014 Halloween Index page