Old School Eatery To Feed Those In Need, Alone On Thanksgiving

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Posted 11/23/14 – I recently was made aware that Old School Eatery, technically not in Sierra Madre, but about as close as you can be at 975 N. Michillinda, intends to offer free turkey dinner with the trimmings to those who are alone and those who are in need on Thanksgiving Day, from 1 to 7pm.  Knowing that chef Marc Elliot hails from New York, and that there are, so they say, eight million stories in the naked city, I thought I’d check in to see if the reason he was doing this had to do with one of them.  Turns out, no.  According to Elliot, he and his family don’t even observe Thanksgiving, his mom being a native American.  He said as a general rule, they tend to volunteer their time on that day, and this year, since Sierra Madre is a small town and resources for those in need are scarce, but those who are alone and those who might otherwise go hungry will still need a place to eat, he decided that since he was in a position to help out, he’d give back to the community by opening the restaurant to those who could use a meal. He also said one of the nice things about the decision has been the reaction from customers, noting that when people heard that he and Old School were going to be feeding people, they began donating food, and that  at this point, he’s received the turkeys he anticipates that he will need for the day. So, if you will be alone or hungry on Thanksgiving, stop by and see Marc.  If you are doing okay this Thanksgiving, but haven’t eaten there, you may want to consider stopping by one day to see what’s happening.  I’ve eaten there a couple times, and enjoyed my meals.  They’ve also added a weekend brunch, from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, you can see that menu here.