Regarding Your Thoughts on Captain Chris Morrison

Captain Chris Morrison

Posted 8/10/15 – One of the flaws in the theme I chose to use for this website is that you cannot tell when comments are posted on the feature article. It is not until the article is the second article on the page that it lets you know that people have commented, and in fact, that you are offered the option of leaving a comment. I don’t get many comments, I guess I’m not inflammatory or controversial enough, or maybe it’s the theme. However, since several people have commented today, I thought I’d post this article so that the article on Captain Morrison’s passing would become the second article, and you could see that people are sharing, and what people are sharing. Please feel free to go to that article and leave a comment, if you so desire.  Since comments are moderated, it make take a short time until your comment appears, but I’ll be checking frequently and updating the comments.