Tell The City What You Think – Public Safety Discussions – Updated

Sierra Madre Police Dept. logoPress Release posted 10/21/15Updated 10/26/15Here’s the Agenda Packet for tonight’s meeting.

The City of Sierra Madre invites members of the community to participate in an upcoming meeting for the Sheriff’s Contract Proposal Review Committee. The Committee will be interviewing the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as a potential contractor at that time and, based on their findings, will formulate a recommendation to the City Council. The recommendation is set to be presented at the next City Council meeting being held on October 27th.

The committee was created in an effort to manage City resources in the wake of a diminishing UUT (Utility User Tax). The tax is set to decrease to 6% from the previous 8% on July 1, 2016; the equivalent of a $400,000 reduction in general fund revenue. The UUT makes up the second largest source of the City’s general fund revenue and has already seen a $500,000 reduction from the previous fiscal year.

Lacking additional sources of revenue to replace the lost UUT, coupled with an inflationary growth in expenditures, the City could reach a million dollar deficit in 2016. While Sierra Madre seeks to continue operating efficiently and maintain the quality services its residents have come to enjoy, the budgetary impact could lead to severe cuts in local amenities including public safety.

The Sheriff’s Contract Proposal Review Committee will meet in City Hall Council Chambers on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 6:00PM. This committee meeting is NOT televised. We invite those unable to attend to submit their questions and concerns via email at:

For the latest information on this and more, visit the City’s website at: