Pumpkin Moving Day at the Parkers on Alegria – Photo Gallery

Posted 10/25/15 – Stopped by Heather and Doug Parker’s house on Alegria yesterday, since it was pumpkin moving day.  Got there too late, all the pumpkins were moved.  The crop was smaller this year, thanks to drought, plant viruses, etc.  Heather tells me they did a good job keeping the deer out this year, but the other factors inhibited the crop.  Anyway, here are some photos of the pumpkins you can look forward to seeing this Saturday (and I understand they’ll be lit up on Sunday, this year, as well).  BTW, some things to look forward to this year that we haven’t seen before: the snagon (can’t decide if it’s a snake or a dragon) might just have visited the maternity ward since last October, and if all goes well, there just might be something in the air that was inspired by the movie “Up”.  Thanks, Parkers, for again inviting me to come by for the festivities.  Click on a photo to enlarge.