Letter to the Editor Re: UUT Tax on Ballot

Posted 3/23/16 – We have received numerous mailings recently regarding the UUT tax on the upcoming ballot.  All of those mailings emphasize the need for a 10% UUT, but mention nothing about the “Franchise Fees” that are currently being charged and collected by “utility” service providers and passed on to the City, as a revenue source.  Those “Franchise Fees” now being collected on our “utilities” and passed on to the city can go as high as 15%, so in essence we are being asked to vote for a 10% UUT, on top of up to 15% in Franchise Fees, for a total of up to 25% in total add on fees to our “utility” bills.  The “Franchise Fees” are also not itemized on all of our “utility” bills, so most residents are unaware of them.

Therefore, because of this lack of total disclosure regarding charges made on “utility” bills that are forwarded to the City, I am requesting that you do not ask us to vote on the UUT until after the city has informed the residents about the “Franchise Fees” being charged and make this issue clear, disclosing any and all charges being collected on our “utility” bills that the city receives as revenue.  Otherwise, residents would be voting blind, and they should have that information before they vote.  That may or may not affect the way residents vote, but it is only fair to give residents total disclosure.

Sierra Madre