Sierra Madre Public Works Director Inman and Public Safety Director Giannone Announce Upcoming Retirements

Bruce Inman at 4th of July, 2011 event, News Net file photo (Copyright 2011)

Press release posted 9/22/16 –  Sierra Madre Public Works Director Bruce Inman, a 19 year Sierra Madre employee, and Public Safety Director Larry Giannone, a 9 year Sierra Madre employee have announced their December 2016 retirement.

Director Bruce Inman was appointed as the City’s Public Works Director in March 1997, and he is one of the City’s longest serving employees. When giving notice of his retirement, Inman stated, “As I prepare to leave Sierra Madre I am filled with pride over the accomplishments of the Public Works Department over the last twenty years. The remodeling of the Pool House, the Recreation Center, the City Hall Basement EOC, and the Senior Center, the construction of the YAC and the initiation of the process to make improvements to the Library are representative of efforts to update the City’s building facilities. Construction of the award-winning Grove Street Reservoir, the water filtration plant, the water system interconnections with Arcadia and MWD, and the replacement of miles of transmission and distribution water mains show a commitment to supplying dependable, safe drinking water. Lastly, the construction of the 2 replacement reservoirs and pump station at Mira Monte, the City’s largest single public works project ever, demonstrate that no accomplishment is too big for the Department, when the resources and community support are present to get the job done.”

City Manager Elaine Aguilar stated that, “Bruce has always been an instrumental staff member, and he seems to have unending energy and commitment. He has been involved in many of Sierra Madre’s accomplishments. He is one of the most service-oriented, dedicated, and hardworking members of the Sierra Madre team. He possesses a wealth of information and professional expertise and is the consummate professional.” Inman’s final date of employment with the City is December 16, 2016.

Sierra Madre Public Safety Director Larry Giannone has also announced his retirement, effective December 10, 2016. Giannone began his employment with Sierra Madre in March 2007, as a Captain in the Police Department. He was promoted to Chief of Police in 2012, and then was appointed Public Safety Director in November 2014, overseeing both the Police and Fire Departments. Giannone’s public safety career began 44 years ago, as a Police Cadet with the Huntington Beach Police Department.

Public Safety Director Larry Giannone, News Net file photo (Copyright 2015)

When Giannone was asked about his service to Sierra Madre, he replied, “In 2007 I joined the Sierra Madre Police Department with one goal in mind — that was to make it a stronger and more professional police department. As I recently reflected on the Department as a whole, I realized that not only has my goal been met, but the Police Department is strong and in the best position it has been in for many years. The Department will be back to full staffing, providing 24\7 service to the community starting October 30, 2016. I have been involved in the Law Enforcement profession for 44 years; it is now time to pass the torch to my strong management team to continue to move this Department forward and to continue providing the best possible service to the Sierra Madre Community.” City Manager Aguilar added, “Larry is truly amazing; not only is he a great Chief, but he also possesses skills and professional insight that extend beyond his public safety background and he is always ready to step in to help with whatever is needed. But most significantly, he is a true example of a tireless, dedicated public servant, public safety professional, and a leader.”

With Inman’s and Giannone’s upcoming departures, Sierra Madre will lose four executive management staff by the end of the year, beginning with Assistant City Manager Cox’s departure in July 2016 for a position with the City of Rancho Cucamonga, and City Manager Aguilar’s retirement in December 2016. The City Council will be working with an executive recruitment firm to fill the City Manager position and anticipates that the appointment will be made in late December or early January. Mayor Pro Tem Rachelle Arizmendi stated, “The City Council is committed to devoting our immediate attention to the City Manager recruitment process. It is important that the transition be as seamless as possible and that City operations continue without any interruption.” Arizmendi added, “I truly appreciate Bruce and Larry’s dedicated service and wish them the best in their retirements. They will be missed.”
Recruitment will soon begin for the vacant management positions, with appointments to be made shortly after the arrival of the new City Manager. In the meantime, current City staff will be assigned to Interim Department Head or the Chief position until permanent appointments are made.

Regarding the turnover in management staff, City Manager Aguilar stated, “There will always be staff turn-over, as staff move on to advance their careers, or especially as the “baby-boomers” reach retirement age. More than half of the executive management team has changed-over in the past two years because of retirements and staff advancing their careers. I can understand that three people with extensive tenure all retiring at the same time can be a little unsettling, but things are stable in Sierra Madre, and this is a reflection of the City currently being in a good position, compared to the recent past, and the strength of the up-and-coming management staff.”

Additional information will be forthcoming regarding the recognition of the outgoing staff members. For additional information, please contact the Sierra Madre City Manager’s Office at (626) 355-7135.