Pumpkin Moving Day at the Parkers, 2016 – Photo Gallery, Video

Posted 10/23/16 – In 2009, Heather and Doug Parker invited me up to their house on pumpkin moving day, when they have a bunch of friends over and all the pumpkins are moved from the back and side of the house to the front lawn, where Doug and Heather’s brother Chris Roberts will work there magic over the ensuing days before Halloween.  Usually it’s on the Saturday before Halloween, but with Halloween on a Monday this year, two days wouldn’t be enough time to get the work done.  So this year’s moving day was today, a Sunday.  The Parkers then invite the movers into their home where they are provided with lunch, and some type of Halloween themed gift.

It’s a lot of work moving the pumpkins and with some of the home grown pumpkins weighing several hundred pounds, it can take up to eight people to carry a single pumpking to the cart on which it is wheeled to the front yard, before it is picked up again and placed strategically on the lawn based on Doug’s vision of this year’s designs.

Due to some hungry deer, this year’s home grown lot was smaller than it might have been, but they still managed to get three gigantic white pumpkins, among others, which they affectionately named Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe.  In addition, we heard a rumor that there may be a (non-partisan) acknowledgement that we are having an election this year, and we look forward to seeing that and all the creations put out by Doug, Chris and Heather this year.  Enjoy the video), and the photos below.  Click an image to enlarge.