UPDATED – SMRFA Seeks Designs for 2020 Float

Press Release posted 1/6/19 (Updated 1/18/19) – It is time for you to put on your thinking caps and pick up your pencils.  We are looking for your design submissions for the 2020 parade. Images associated with this article are from the 2008 float, featuring the winning pencil sketch, along with the float along the parade route.

Tournament of Roses President for 2020 Laura Farber announced the hint for the 2020 Theme. “The 2020 theme celebrates the influence of optimism and hope. It is about the belief that what is wanted can be attained. From the struggles of those who came before us to dreams yet to be realized, optimism is more than simply the possibility of fulfillment. It is the dignity and respect, joy and happiness, aspiration and achievement. Through hope and optimism, we can aspire to be our best and in turn, inspire those around us to reach higher. With hope anything, in fact, everything is possible.

The emphasis is on Hope and what you can do with Hope.  From the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association website:

Design Guidelines:

1. Designs must be received no later than Friday, February 8th 2019, by 5 PM at P.O. Box 603, Sierra Madre, CA 91025 or at the float building (under the door).

2. Design submissions need to take into consideration the Pasadena Tournament of Roses 2020 theme as outlined above.

3. Designers should consider the appropriate use of float riders, Sierra Madre Rose Float Princesses/Ambassadors (2-4) and animation.  Float designs should represent a float no longer than 55 feet and 18 feet wide.

4. The design contest is open to all ages (need not be a Sierra Madre resident nor a Sierra Madre Rose Float Association member).  Designs developed by Groups, Art Classes or other organizations are gladly received.  Designers are encouraged also to submit more than one design.

5. Please provide a title to the float design.  Submission should include a written description (no more than 100 words) of the concept and possible animations.

6. While only a very simple sketch is required to illustrate the concept, more detail can help in the selection process.

Design Rules:

1. Designs must be submitted on an 8 ½ X 11 “Theme Draft Form” in black & white pencil. No color drawings or oversized drawings will be accepted. Do not include the title of the float or your name within the design drawing.

2. Designs submitted to the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association will become the property of the Association and may be modified by the Association to achieve construction and floral requirements.

3. Designers are required to sign a Design Release form certifying the originality of their design and assigning those design rights to the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association.

4. The designer(s) may be asked for consultation.

5. The designer understands that he/she will receive no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for the use of the design and that the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association, City of Sierra Madre and/or the Pasadena Tournament of Roses have no obligation of any kind towards designer(s).

6. Submitted designs are not returnable.

7. Mail all designs to: Sierra Madre Rose Float Association
                                        P.O. Box 603
                                        Sierra Madre, California 91025

 Or place the design submission under the Barn door.

The submission forms are available here.  The submissions will be due by 5pm on February 8th. We hope to see a large number of submissions, so we will be able to present another award winning float.”