Adams Pack Station Schedules/Seeks Musicians

We have an awesome lineup for August, September, and October:

8/21/2011                   12:00-2:00                   Tim Tedrow                   (      

                                           2:30-4:30                     Moreton Bay String Band

9/18/2011                   12:00-2:00                   Dale LaDuke                   (

                                           2:30-4:30                      John M                   (

10/16/2011                 12:00-2:00                   John Zipperer                   (

                                           2:30-4:30                     Bryan Chan

We are looking for artists/musicians that would like to play either as part of open mic or as a booked artist/group from 2-2:30 OR 4:30-5:30 for the above dates.

Have you played with us in the past and would like to come back?  Are you new to the venue and would like try it out?

If we keep the time slots as open mic, then you would just show up and play 3 songs.

Please let me know if your are interested.  Send me an email or call the packstation (626.447.7356)