World Famous SM Search and Rescue Seeks Corporate Sponsors for 60th Anniversary Events

This year, the world famous, all-volunteer Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team is commemorating  sixtyyears of service to the community. The Team was founded by Sierra Madre residents in 1951 and since then has answered thousands of  requests for help in the local mountains and beyond. Team members past and present live by their motto: “Anywhere in the wilderness that someone needs help…”

As part of its 60th anniversary celebration, the Team will print 1,000 copies of a full-color commemorative booklet featuring  articles about Team history and safe hiking tips for adults and kids. This one-of-a-kind book will be distributed throughout the community to local leaders, families, and outdoor enthusiasts. It will be available at Adams Pack Station at Chantry Flat and in the Sierra Madre Library, and given to current and former Team members at the 60th anniversary banquet.

A good portion of the commemorative booklet will be filled with paid sponsor messages. Proceeds from sponsorships will help the Team fund a public open house in October, at which the community will be welcomed to Station 108 for tours and talks about safe hiking in the local mountains. Sponsorships will also pay for other 60th anniversary commemorative events such as the team banquet. Any money left over will be used for the Team’s search and rescue activities.

Sponsorships range in cost from $300 for a full page to $50 for 1/8-page (business-card size). Messages and artwork must be received no later than September 1st. Sponsors will be provided with a flier announcing their support for the Team, to be placed in their storefront if desired. Additionally, sponsors will be recognized on the Team’s website.

Anyone interested in purchasing a sponsorship and showing the community that they support SMSR is invited to e-mail the Team at: