News Net 11/4/08 Election Endorsements

Date approximate, late October, 2008

I don’t have confirmed opinions on all the issues done yet, but I’m posting some of the ones that I’ve already made up my mind on.  As I learn more, I’ll post more.

President/Vice-president – Obama and Biden (I prefer Obama, but could live with it if McCain should win – heck, I’ve lived with worse for 8 years.  But I can’t be okay with Palin.  That’s the deciding factor for me.)

28th District US Congress – David Dreier (I don’t agree with many of his votes, but he’s only 1 vote of 535, and he DOES have that important rules committee position.  He’d have to really do something egregious for me to vote that position out of the San Gabriel Valley.)

CA 59th Assembly District – Anthony Adams (first time I met Mr. Adams, I wasn’t impressed, but I’ve been very impressed in my last two meetings with him.  He’s a straight shooter, you can believe he’s telling you what he feels/believes, and not just what he thinks you want to hear.  Was impressed with his analysis of the budget crisis.)

Prop 1A, High Speed Rail Line – Yes (It’s expensive, but waiting will only lead to increased costs.  And it’s time California became a leader in transit, instead of our current way behind position. This is an investment I think will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Prop 3, Children’s Hospital Funding – No (Even though they endorsed it, the LA Times said this in their endorsement: “Many of these institutions have large endowments and prodigious fundraising capabilities. And yet, only four years after persuading voters to support a $750-million bond issue, almost $350 million of which remains unspent, they’ve come back to voters for an additional $980 million.”  That says to me that there’s already $350 million available, and right now the state’s broke.  Let’s take a look at it when the $350mil is gone, at the rate its been spent so far, that’s more than three years from now.)

Prop 4, Abortion Waiting Period and Parental Notification Initiative – No  (There are some situations where children shouldn’t have to notify their parents.  If this bill passes, the only way to not notify them legally, is to put in writing that the parents are repeat abusers.  That doesn’t sit well with me.)

Proposition 7, Renewable Energy Generation – No  (I’m for finding alternative energy solutions, but this poorly written bill isn’t a solution, it’s a problem in its own right.  It gives power to one agency, without taking it away from another.  It can only be rescinded by a two thirds vote, though it’s only a majority needed to pass it, so if there are problems with the bill as it’s written, they’ll be hard to fix.  The way it’s written it will actually (most likely) slow down the solar energy growth by eliminating credits for solar power generated by smaller companies.)

Prop 8, Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Act – No (I don’t have a problem with the CA Supreme Court approved status quo, and see no reason to change things to something I consider discriminatory, which is what a Yes vote would do.  Really don’t like the lies and/or purposefully deceptive tactics I see from the Yes campaign.)

Prop 10, The California Renewable Energy and Clean Alternative Fuel Initiative – No (I’m all for clean alternative fuels and jumpstarting an effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but I don’t think this is the initiative to do it.  As I understand it, companies could license a clean air vehicle in CA, get up to $50,000 bonus  per vehicle for doing so, and then move the vehicle(s) out of state the next day.  Doesn’t seem like a good use of the $2.875 billion allocated for these rebates)

Prop 12, Veterans Home Loan Funding – Yes (We need to do whatever we can, within reason, to provide assistance to our veterans.  this is within reason)

Measure R, Traffic Relief – Yes (Here’s the Ballot language: “Traffic Relief. Rail Extensions. Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence.  To synchronize traffic signals; repair potholes; extend light rail with airport connections; improve freeway traffic flow (5, 10, 14, 60, 101, 110, 138, 210, 405, 605, 710); keep senior / student / disabled fares low; provide clean-fuel buses; expand subway/Metrolink/bus service; dedicate millions for community traffic relief; shall Los Angeles County’s sales tax increase one-half cent for 30 years with independent audits, public review of expenditures, all locally controlled?”  My response – all that for $25/year?  Certainly.

Measure TT – Yes (It helps the schools, and the shortcomings of Measure Y have been addressed. Requires oversight. Sierra Madre Upper Campus needs serious help, even just to ensure the safety of the students, this is a start)