Getting to Know the Candidates, 2012 – Updated

Update 1/24/12 – John Capoccia’s website is now up.  We’ve added a link on his candidate page.  You can find a link to his candidate page under his photo, below.

Update 1/22/12 – A link to a Facebook page has been added to Gene Goss’s page.

Update 1/20/12 – A page has been added for Gene Goss, candidate for one of the two 4-year seats available in the regular election.  Please see below for link.  MaryAnn MacGillivray has been invited to participate, but as yet has not responded. 

Update 1/17/12 – John Capoccia’s page has been updated with a link to his campaign Facebook page.  Coming soon – Gene Goss candidate page. 

Update 1/10/12 – John Harabedian’s page has been updated with a link to his campaign Facebook page. 

Update 1/8/12 – The candidate pages have been updated.  Chris Koerber’s bio has been added to his page, as well as links to his campaign website and his campaign Facebook page.  Links to Colin Braudrick’s campaign website and campaign Facebook page have been added.  A link to John Harabedian’s campaign website has been added – the website has some contact and subscription information but says it will go fully live on Tuesday, the tenth.  FYI – John Capoccia has informed me he is working on both a website and a Facebook campaign page, but the link information has not yet been submitted. 

Originally posted 1/2/12 – The April 10, 2012 election will be here before you know it, and we’d like to do our part to help you with Getting to Know the Candidates.  We’ve created web pages for each of the City Council candidates that have pulled papers at this time (Regular Election, two 4-year seats open and Special Election, 1 seat with two years remaining).  On these pages, the candidates have been offered the opportunity to post a head shot, a bio, their campaign material, and links to a campaign website or Facebook page if they have one.  We also have a Candidate Q and A questionnaire that we’ve been sending out to candidates since 2002, and we’ve submitted that to the candidates for their consideration.  We’ll add new candidates as they join the race, assuming they would like to participate as these five candidates have.  We’ll also make the same offer to the Treasurer and City Clerk candidate(s). 

Below, in alphabetical order by last name, are each of the Council candidates that have pulled papers and confirmed their intent to run at this time (1/2/12).  Click on their name next to their picture, and it will take you to their page on our site.  BTW, we will not be posting the links to the campaign sites/FB pages until Friday.


Colin Braudrick 


John Capoccia 


 Gene Goss

John Harabedian

Chris Koerber


Bill Tice

Candidate MaryAnn MacGillivray has been invited to participate (1/17/12), but has not yet responded (1/20/12)