MacGillivray, Braudrick, Goss and Shollenberger Last Minute Filers in Election

Posted 1/17/12 – City Council incumbent MaryAnn MacGillivray filed papers today to run for City Council in April, 2012, along with Colin Braudrick and Gene Goss, and Nancy Shollenberger filed to run for City Clerk.  Braudrick is running against Chris Koerber, who had filed earlier, in the special election to finish out Joe Mosca’s term (2 years), and MacGillivray and Goss filed for the regular election 4-year terms, one of which is currently filled by Mayor John Buchanan who had previously announced he would not seek a third term.  They join John Capoccia John Harabedian and Bill Tice, who had previously filed.  Additional candidates may file until 5pm tomorrow for Buchanan’s seat, however no one has pulled papers at this time.  Then again, MacGillivray pulled her papers today and filed them the same day.

Some questions have been raised about the timing of the filing, per Government Code 10225, and we will be writing more about that in an update that we will file later this evening (now posted, see

Shollenberger will be running unopposed for the City Clerk position.  George Enyedi, incumbent for the City Treasurer position, is not running, which allows candidates to file through tomorrow, and Richard Mays, Treasurer from 2002 to 2006, has an appointment with the City Clerk to file  his papers to run for that position.  Candidates have until 5pm tomorrow to file papers for all positions except City Clerk, since Shollenberger, as the incumbent, filed today.