(8/21/02) Editorial – Coordinating Council

My first editorial, ever.  It’s a busy weekend, this weekend.  Friday night has opening night at the Playhouse, Parks and Rec.’s Dodger night, and Lew’s Salmon Dinner benefiting ACS Relay and SMVFD.  But I won’t be covering any of them, because I’ll be camping with my son and Cub Scout Pack 110.  Four Sierra Madre activities scheduled Friday night alone, and Saturday night is the Luau, Sunday is the Dog Wash and Concert in the Park, and I know there are other things going on that aren’t listed here.  Isn’t it a good thing the Chamber of Information and its much ballyhooed “Coordinating Council” created a community calendar, to help prevent such over-scheduling?  That really must be helping it fulfill its mission of helping businesses.  Where is that calendar by the way?  Has it been placed in highly visible locations, so organization’s could use it when planning their events?  I don’t really know where it’s posted other than the Chamber website, as I was turned away at the door when I tried to participate in its creation.  Seems I wasn’t welcome at this “invitation only” event.  Maybe some of these event planners didn’t get their invitation, either.  Or, (and here’s the crux of the matter) maybe its time for the Chamber to stop worrying about community activities, and get back to BUSINESS.  Hurry up January. Bring on Jim Moran, President-elect; we look forward to next year.  We’ve just about given up on this one, in which five Board members have already resigned.